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Art. 1 - General

Service provision is bound by the present general sales terms and conditions, which prevail over all other purchasing conditions which may be proposed.

All services are provided within the limits determined by the safety rules and the railway operating regulations in force, in particular with regard to available capacity and the specific locomotive and train composition selected.

The term “Customer” refers to individuals forming a group. The organizer cannot be considered separately from the participants and vice versa. Moreover the organizer must ensure that the present terms and conditions are strictly applied by all members of the group he/she is in charge of.

Regular trains are those for which operating dates and timetables are scheduled beforehand at the beginning of the season. Only regular trains are included in the brochure published at the beginning of the season.

An optional train is one for which the timetable is scheduled in advance at the beginning of the season but not the operating dates. They run as requested on all or part of their route.

A special train is one for which a timetable has to be created for operation on a given date.

Art. 2 - Fares

Fares may be revised whenever necessary in order to cover operating costs. Fare increases are published on the CFVE website.

Nevertheless, if an agreement has been signed between the CFVE and another organization, the fares agreed upon prevail over the present terms. This applies throughout the duration of the agreement and for Customers concerned as defined by this agreement.

For all such trains fares depend on the following:

  • - Customer category;
  • - type of locomotive requested;
  • - number of participants in the group;
  • - train composition requested;
  • - whether the CFVE may accept other passengers on the train;
  • - timetable requested “Regular Train”, “Optional Train”, “Special Train”;
  • - additional services requested;
  • - commercial discounts granted.

Art. 3 - Provision of Services

The CFVE offers transportation from point A to point B along the line, with possibility of a return trip.

To do so may involve running several trains.

A running commentary may be offered during the train ride.

Before or after the train ride additional services may be provided such as tours, meals, tea, local produce sampling … This list is not exhaustive. Restrictions may apply depending on the number of participants.

Art. 4 - Booking

Booking is compulsory for all groups whenever optional or special trains have to be scheduled,and for all groups of more than 20 participants.

Booking is strongly advised for trains included in the CFVE brochure.

All firm bookings for optional or special trains must be made before 3 pm on the Monday before the week during which the train is scheduled to run.

In all other cases bookings are accepted before 3 pm two days before the date of scheduled operation. Nevertheless it is advisable to book all train services at least one month in advance.

Booking involves sending before the deadline a written document together with a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total price of the service requested.

Customers granted a commercial agreement do not have to pay a deposit, but the written document mentioned above must bear the term “Firm Booking”, otherwise it will be considered an option.

The Customer may place an option on a date and a timetable. The option is free of charge, but is considered to be cancelled should the Customer not make a firm booking in the above mentioned conditions before 3 pm on the Monday before the week of operation

Art. 5 - Timeliness

The booking form stipulates an arrival time at the station, in order to facilitate train operations and in particular to enable us to respect arrangements made for other Customers.

The Customer will not claim any reimbursement or indemnity if the arrival time is not respected.

All late train departures for which the Customer is responsible, whether service has started or not, may be invoiced 2 (two) euros per minute. For this measure to be implemented the Customer must sign the timetable, which then becomes the basis for calculating compensation for late arrival.

The CFVE reserves the right to cancel the service if the group arrives more than fifteen minutes after the time mentioned on the booking form.

Modifying the timetable of a regular or optional train is strictly prohibited. The CFVE cannot therefore accept such a request, and in such a case the Customer must book a special train.

Running special trains requires the drafting of compulsory regulatory documents. All requests for change in the timetable of a special train (departures, arrivals and stops) must be made before 3 pm on the Monday before the week during which the train is scheduled to run.

Art. 6 - Change in the number of participants

The Customer commits to confirming, in writing, the number of participants, before 3 pm two days before the operating date.

Should changes not be communicated in a timely manner the CFVE cannot be held responsible for any resulting delays. Such delays may lead to the application of the final paragraph in Art. 4 above.

Art. 7 - Payment terms

The balance must be settled immediately at the station, before the train service begins, upon presentation of the invoice.

In the case of a commercial agreement the invoice is sent to the Customer after the train service. Payment is then made according to the terms of the agreement. Otherwise payment must be made within 30 days of the date on which the Customer receives the invoice.

Art. 8 - Customer cancellation policy

All cancellations must be notified to the CFVE as early as possible.

Given the difficulties involved in mobilizing volunteers and the regulations governing train operations, the following fees are applied for special and optional trains.

  • - Cancellation between the le 30th and the 21st day inclusive before the operating date: 20 % of the total amount will be withheld.
  • - Cancellation between the le 20th and 3pm on the Monday before the week of operation: 50 % of the total amount will be withheld.
  • - Cancellation after 3pm on the Monday before the week of operation: 100 % of the total amount will be withheld.
  • - For regular trains, 50% of the total amount will be withheld if cancellation is made later than the 10th day before the scheduled date of operation.

Art. 9 - Claims

The Customer realizes that he/she is dealing with a non-profit making association, and that the locomotives and rolling stock are old. Despite all the care and attention paid to maintenance, breakdowns may occur.

Consequently it may arise that the CFVE may not be in a position to ensure all or part of the service, independently of the will of its members. In such cases alternative solutions will be sought and proposed. These solutions may be refused by the Customer.

The Customer may not take action against the association for cancellations for which the CFVE is responsible, providing the following measures have been taken.

The CFVE will:

  • - advise the Customer swiftly as soon as the CFVE has confirmation that the service cannot be provided;
  • - explain to the Customer the reasons for the cancellation;
  • - propose an alternative solution;
  • - propose another date, in case the Customer refuses or should another solution not be available.
  • - offer a 25% discount voucher for a future train service, in case of partial cancellation (substitution or deferment.
  • - reimburse the Customer the amount paid, should no other solution or date proposed be acceptable to the Customer.

Art. 10 - Insurance

See contract.

Art. 11 - Railway Regulations

The Customer will at all times comply with the Railway Regulations (Règlement de Police de l'Exploitation du Chemin de Fer de la Vallée de l'Eure) approved by Prefectoral decree on 22nd May 2006, and with the instructions given by the railway staff.

The Railway Regulations are available on request at Pacy-sur-Eure station. Extracts are posted in the station and on board the trains.

Art. 12 - Claims, litigation and jurisdiction

All claims concerning a service must be addressed to the CFVE within three days subsequent to the beginning of the service concerned.

In case of litigation the parties will try to reach an amicable settlement. Should this fail the parties recognize and accept the sole competence of the local justice area Court on which the town Pacy-sur-Eure (27) is dependent.


All purchases and bookings made at the station may be paid in cash, by cheque or by credit card (except American Express) and ANCV holiday vouchers.

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