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Prices and general terms and conditions for hire 1st January – 31st December 2021. Advanced booking required. Prices include all taxes.

Restaurant train fares
Fare/person included train ride and meal (drinks not included)


Fixed operating fee and 25 to 34 passengers €150
Fixed operating fee and 35 to 44 passengers
Fixed operating fee 45 passengers and over free
Drinks (1/4 wine + water) +€4 per pers.


Special trains
Fixed operating fee + 30 passengers €450
Extra passengers + €6.50 per pers.
School specials
Fixed operating fee + 50 passengers


Extra passengers €3.50 per pers.
Extra hour (after initial 90 min.) €50 per hour
Eure, Land of History* (Guided tour of Cocherel) €3 per pers.
Exclusive use €200
Special arrangements, choice of rolling stock
Organisation of seminars Please contact us

* Guided walking tour of Cocherel (1.5km). Unadvisable for disabled persons and young children.


On board commentary available in English and German.


To complete your visit...
Welcome breakfast Coffe, tea + Danish €3.60 per pers
Normandy tea Apple pie + bowl of cider €4.80 per pers
Country fare Bowl of cider €2.10 per pers

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Train * Pacy - Breuilpont, Trains of Yesteryear
Pacy - Cocherel, Eure Land of History
Pacy - Breuilpont - Cocherel, Lunch or Dinner
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Special arrangements, choice of rolling stock
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Extras Welcome breakfast (coffee, tea + Danish)
Normandy tea (apple pie + cider)
Country fare (bowl of cider)
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All purchases and bookings made at the station may be paid in cash, by cheque or by credit card (except American Express) and ANCV holiday vouchers.

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Place de la gare - 27120 Pacy sur Eure - Phone : -  Desk Schedules 9.30 am-12.30 pm and 1.30 pm-5.00 pm